About This Free Mentoring Program

  • To-The-Point

    Directly applicable content on the crossroads of Communication, Productivity, Management and Leadership. No fuzz and rooted in real-life Engineering experience.

  • Open-Minded

    Share your own insights, and engage in constructive discussions with like-minded Engineering professionals.

  • Convenient

    Over 40 instantly accessible micro learnings. Available 24/7, wherever you are!


  • Kaushik Samala, Engineer (India)

    Very impressive content! Each video is complemented with a summary and takeaways, so you have a quick recap of the key points. It really helped me to improve my productivity and communication with my peers, and to increase my visibility in my organization!

  • Gert Lintermans, Engineering Manager (Belgium)

    The program contains many great suggestions, as well as pitfalls we need to avoid. Very useful to support the soft skill development of both Engineers and people who lead Engineering Teams!

  • Tony Jiang, Engineering Manager (China)

    The content is not just useful to develop myself. It also provides tons of inspiration to help me guide the Team Leaders and Engineers in my department. I strongly recommend this program to anyone with a background in Engineering, because it will really support you in your career!

At Your Service!

Michael Houben

Hi, my name is Michael. I'm a PhD in Engineering and passionate developer of Engineering Teams. For the past +15 years, I developed my professional career in highly international environments and Fortune 500 Global Engineering Companies, 12 years from a leading position, including 3 as an expat in China. One of my most important findings during this exciting period, is that soft skills are essential for a successful and fulfilling career in Engineering. And boy, did I make a lot of mistakes in that arena! Micromanagement... check! Overly critical attitude... check! Poor flexibility... check! That's why I decided to make this Instant Mentoring Program. To create a forum where people with a background in Engineering can share insights, and help one another avoid the many pitfalls we encounter during our professional lives. To forward my own findings. To help each other accelerate our Engineering Careers. Looking forward to meet you inside the program!
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How exactly is the mentoring provided?

    The mentoring is mainly provided by means of short inspirational movies and articles. You can access these materials at any given moment after enrolling to the free Self-paced Mentoring Program!

  • Which sources are used for the mentoring materials?

    The mentoring materials are curated from a variety of sources: personal experience, books on leadership & personal development, and groundbreaking articles and movies from thought leaders all over the world. Go here for a detailed overview of the content.

  • Why is the program free?

    The program is free because it simply intends to give people with a background in Engineering and an interest in growing non-technical skills, a forum to meet and discover & share personal experiences.

  • Does MACH 8 provide other services besides mentoring?

    Definitely! Besides mentoring, MACH 8 also provides following solutions: ✔︎ Keynotes and Trainings in Engineering Leadership, Communication & Personal Productivity ✔︎ Improvement Analysis in Team Development & Knowledge Management to rapidly develop Engineering Teams. Feel free to reach out for more information via michael@mach8.org or +32 492 67 36 38. Or visit our main website!