Instant Mentoring Program

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    • Welcome!

    • How to digest this program

    • The perspectives of learning (WARNING: reading this can result in an INCREASE of your salary!)

    • Engineering Manager, Project Manager or Team Coach – check this out!

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    • About people, angry dogs and email

    • Do this to speak with confidence

    • 3 steps to get better at listening

    • Overcommunication... not so bad after all?

    • So, what's your backup plan?

    • A simple trick to speak out during meetings

    • A word that kills vs a word that BUILDS

    • How to work with someone who creates unnecessary conflict

    • The necessary art of persuasion

    • The executive's guide to better listening

  • 3

    Leadership & management

    • Being in leadership ≠ being a leader

    • The tremendous power of appreciation

    • The problem with 'Management by Exception'

    • 4 secrets of successful change implementation

    • The problem with 'Leading by Example'

    • A great question to tackle negative behavior

    • A rookie mistake to avoid at all cost

    • Don't be fooled by this human tendency

    • Do this to ace your next project

    • Lessons Learned made practical & fun

    • Squeeze LESS do MORE by twisting time management

    • Create personal development plans

    • The secrets of great teamwork

    • Leadership that gets results

    • Ego is the enemy of good leadership

    • In praise of humility

    • 7 mistakes managers make, according to their employees

    • An alternative for the traditional annual performance review process

  • 4

    Problem solving

    • What you're gonna do about it?!

    • Challenge the basics

  • 5


    • An ancient perspective to beat procrastination

    • Don't lose the battle for your focus

    • How to catch up FAST after your vacation

    • Stop working hard, start working smart!

    • A simple tip to avoid being overwhelmed

    • WAIT! Don't answer that email!

    • Become masterful at making reliable commitments

    • The incredible power of ... zZz

    • Leave that comfort zone and grow new skills fast

    • Don't waste time shooting Dead Ducks

    • How to ace your yearly objectives

    • Inside the mind of a master procrastinator

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    Other topics

    • Creativity on steroids

    • A story about hares, turtles and... naps?!

    • 14 signs your perfectionism has gotten out of control

    • Perfectionism vs Meaningful Quality

    • A big tip to become a top 5% innovator!

    • How to stay calm in crucial moments

    • Priceless insights from Jeff Bezos